Floating Compass

In the Tesla Effect James Pendrick made a compass from very simple materials, and I’m going to show how you can make one yourself. First you will need a needle, a cork, a magnet, and a cup of water. The first thing you have to do is rub the magnet along the side of the needle but in only one direction. This push the elections to one side and will magnetize the needle. You can then push the needle through a small circular piece of cork so that it will float on the water. Once you have done this you can put it in the water and you will see it point towards magnetic north. You might have noticed from the picture that you don’t necessarily need a cork and you can float the needle on the water itself using the water’s surface tension, you need to make sure the needle is completely dry and you need to put it in gently. The surface tension method works just as well as the cork but it is a less permanent solution because it is easy to knock the needle and make it sink. You can experiment by moving a magnet close to your compass and see what happens. Another thing to try is take a different compass, one that is not made with water, and take it near some of you electronics. If the needle points towards the device and away from the North Pole, then you are seeing the effects of the magnetic field created by electronics just like in the episode.


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