The Green Muse

The green muse or absinth was central to the plot of the episode The Green Muse, but you might be surprised to know that it doesn’t have hallucinogenic effects like Murdoch though. Absinthe is a light green spirit with a bitter taste, it is prepared with a neutral alcohol from white grapes and it’s three constant ingredients:  grande wormwood, green anise, and florence fennel. The major factor that gave absinthe is bad name is that in 1864 a scientist conducted an experiment where he expose one guinea pig to alcohol vapour and another to wormwood vapour. The guinea pig exposed to the wormwood started to have convulsions whereas the one exposes the alcohol did not. This led him to believe that the active chemical in wormwood Thujone was responsible for the seizure.  His result help push bans in many countries starting from the early 20th century and in some case like France not being unbanned until very recently, 2011 in France’s case.  Recently studies have concluded that the amount of absinthe that you would need to consume to have dangerous amounts of Thujone would cause alcohol poisoning long before you reach dangerous levels; about 50 liters of absinthe.  Please drink responsibly and if you are seeing green women then either it is St. Patrick’s day or there is something seriously wrong.


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