A Delicious Discovery

In the Tesla effect Constable Crabtree envisioned a yam cooking room that would harness the power of microwaves to cook delicious yams. An entire room dedicated to quickly cooking food sounds ridiculous, but most of us don’t think using a microwave oven is. The use of microwaves to cook food was discovered by accident. In 1945, Percy Spencer was working on a radar transmitter, the magnetron, and noticed that the chocolate bar in his front pocket was melting. He quickly realised that it was from the magnetron and the high-frequency microwaves that it was producing so he decided that he would start the microwave popcorn craze and he tried to pop a kernel of popcorn. It needless to say popped. He then contained the microwaves in a box and the microwave was born.  It took several years afterwards for the first microwave oven to be produced and it was huge, not quite the size of the room that Crabtree mentioned but the size of a modern refrigerator and cost about $50,000 in today’s dollars. Now we have units that are a lot smaller and most of us couldn’t live without.


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